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Detect Occult  is a narrative mystery side-scroller where the player follows a detective, Jen.  Explore what is believed to be a breaking and entering and uncover the happenings of the eerie home.

As the player, click on objects around the house to figure on what's going on, however you can play through it without doing so.

The concept began with the game being developed with someone's interests in mind and was finished as part of a narrative module for a college assignment. 


  • A & D to move left and right.
  • W to move through doors.
  • Left Mouse button to click on objects.

Art/Animation/Concept @Kalobrienz

Writing/Implementation Phil Elliott

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorsCorgiBits, Raggun
TagsDetective, Female Protagonist, Gore, Horror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Side Scroller, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles


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Does not run on latest MacOS.

I wont be updating anytime soon Im sorry!


Loved it! Great job <33


Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Development will be continued at some stage. This is like the first part of the story.


A cool bite sized experience. I enjoyed it and I look forward to more from you in the future, and hopefully a continuation of this story.

it took me 9 minutes to finish it, but I guess I had fun

average is 15 if you did all the investigating, pretty quick if you just walk through it.

Loved the game, loved the atmosphere and the pixel art style.


So nice to see more game developers  take on this kind of pixelated style. Something about this style and horror that make it fit so good togheter. Out of all the one I've tried so far, Detect Occult is one of the best.

Has a good horror element, short and interesting story to tell and a interesting protagonist to boost the story with. The only thing that makes this game "bad" is that it is so short so it leaves you wondering what's gonna happend next. The protagonist Jen, a tuff detective that just happend to be in the wrong place the wrong time. 

Fun game. Keep it up.

Thank you so much for playing our game, there may be more story to tell coming soon!

Looking forward to it. :)

Fills me with so much joy hearing that Hamlic <3 Glad you liked it

The game was pretty good but I feel like it was kinda short. However I do like the simplistic pixels and the story of the game! I am really glad that my garbage like computer of mine is able to run a game like this! I really wish there was more horror aspects into the game! Maybe even add more background noise/music to make the environment more intense. Anyways, this is a great game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

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i like the game but it keeps crashing on me :( very interesting tho!

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Hey Luna, where is it crashing for you? :s the only place there is an intended crash is at the very very end.

It’s about ten minutes into it. 


Slow burn creepy pixel art detective story = little slice of heaven.  Great work!


Glad you like it! We're starting development of the actual Detect Occult game during summer so stay tuned!

This game was really interesting and I had a lot of fun playing it. I amade a little video and I hope you enjoy it! Will you be making more of these type of games?

Hi! Glad you had lots of fun! We're planning on starting work on a full detect occult game starting August 2019, we're currently in college full time in our 4th year so its very busy! But if you follow the game updates or even follow my itch you will get updated when its released or beign worked on!


This is suppose to be your typical response to a B&E……..but what really is going on here??

I definitely had a great time playing your game and recording a LP for it! Can't wait to play more of your games!!


Glad you had a good time and even more glad to hear you want to play more of ours!

Any projects soon to come?

Are there any plans for a Linux version of Detect Occult ?

I'll get Phil to make up a build this evening for you :D!

Thank you very much. I was only expecting you to consider it so that's much better than expected !

Hey PublicNuisance, sorry it took so long but Linux support has been added :) Hope you enjoy!


No worries at all. I have had some developers take months to make a Linux version so two weeks is great by comparison. I purchased a copy right away. Thanks for the prompt service !

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oh you didn't have to buy , but thank you so much! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed it!


Loved the atmosphere and feeling of the game, reminded me of The Last Door. Hope you keep working on it!

Really glad you liked it :) We're currently doing internships for College so we've taken a break but we do hope to continue with a part 2!

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Hello, Kalen!

Congratulations for the great work! It reminded me the atmosphere of Clock Tower (SNES).

As a Portuguese translator, I would like to ask if you have any interest to bring the game into my language. It would be a pleasure to localize it! :))

Anyway, best wishes!


DUDE.It's THE BEST  SIDE SCROLLER,horro game.Do the part 2 of the game


I'm really glad you liked it! We have plans to but currently we're busy with college/internships :) We will let you know when theres a second one out!



Super cute game, absolutely loved it! The art style was super cute to boot! Will there be any updates/ additional chapters? 

Thanks for the delightful game, it was a real treat!

Really glad you enjoyed it let alone loved it :D! We want to make a continuation eventually but at the moment we're off from Uni so we want to chill for a bit. Thanks a bunch for playing ^_^


Totally get it! I await the next continuation eagerly :D


You have a DETECTOCCULT_OSX.app.zip file for download, but it is marked as Linux, so Itch.io says "Not available on macOS".

Hey there, really sorry for the late reply I've been away. I'll fix that right now ^_^


Made a video - 

Bahaha you can click on objects ya realize?

What you didn't realize Kalcifer was that you don't have to click on anything.

Deleted 3 years ago

Adored this lets play, very nice editing :D! Also thanks for finding that bug bahahaha, we forgot a collider.... So embarrased!


Fun, wish it was longer!


Enjoyed the game, some fun dialogue too. Nice stuff!


Glad to hear :D


I loved this game, having to search around for bits of the story myself really made the game a lot more interactive which I loved!


Was very enjoyable to watch you play :D Tss a good commentary you got there! The game doesnt crash at the end btw, its a forced quit ^_^ THANKS FOR PLAYING! <3


Yeah twas a poor choice of words on my part as I felt the forced quit was fitting there and really played into the ending! Thanks for making an awesome game :D

Bahaha your choice of words we're grand.  Twas nothing at all, glad you played it :D


Gave it a go...


Really loved your narration and your feedback at the end, The original game was suppous to be longer but we decided to use the game for a College project so, alot of things got cut due to bugs/time constraints. Thank you so much for playing though!


Wow the ending was creepy as...i loved it but too short :(

Glad to hear you loved it ^_^ We we're limited with time so parts had to be cut, we might do a directors cut version if we have time over summer!

Be sure to leave a rating also as it helps out! :D

Sure i will ,tnx for the info and i can't wait the director cuts :)


Hey there, the game was really good and quite interesting. I enjoyed exploring the house and slowly piecing together what went on. 

I loved the pixel art style the game had and the build up of the atmosphere was spot on. All in all, this was a great game and I would highly recommend that other people check it out too!

Also, I hope you don't mind but I did a short "let's play" video on it.


Im so glad you liked it! Let's play away, I have zero problem with that :D Thank you so much for playing!


:D Leave a rating if ya haven't already <3

Already did, would leave another if I could. I gave it 5/5 for the record as I really enjoyed it, I wish you luck with whatever project you choose to do next!


Much appreciated. We might be doing something during the summer :D Find me on twitter for updates @kalobrienz !